4T Champion Grilla

Champion Grilla
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A double wall insulated grill to help regulate heat in the cooking chamber. It has an adjustable charcoal bin that can be moved to five different settings depending on your cooking needs.

The charcoal bin is slotted for easy air circulation and clean up. The Grilla is equipped with an easy removable ash bin and a 1 ½” valve for easy clean up.

Attachments for the grill include a double wall insulated fire box that inserts in the ash box. This attachment will allow you to smoke like a champion!

Price: $2400

50% Down Payment $1200

W/Smoke Box: $3000

50% Down Payment $1500

Base 4T Grilla

$1,200.00Add to cart

4T Grilla W/Smoke Box

$1,500.00Add to cart


Gauge of steel 10 and 16 Gage Construction
Cubic cooking surface 4 Cubic Feet
Grate thickness 3/8″ Rod Grating
Smoke box construction Fire Box is contructed of 10 Gage on the inside, and 16 Gage on the Outside
Overall dimensions 2′-10″ x 5′-4″ x 4′-2″
Handle and hinge gauge 3/8″ SS Hinges
Signage options No signage at Base Price
Color options RAL Powder Coat Color
Storage area underneath 22″ x 34″ x 10″
SS Tray Dimensions 9″ x 3′-0″

Production & Shipping Information:

50% downpayment on your grill or smoker is required to begin production.

For local pickup or delivery Tennessee sales tax will also apply.

Shipping for your grill will be calculated upon receiving deposit. We will contact you with shipping options and cost on completion of your order.


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